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Valera Swiss Bébé Hair Dryer


Valera Malaysia

The Swiss Bébé hairdryer has been developed specifically for baby care.

Drying hair and body with Swiss Bébé is:
Safe – Tepid temperature: only 45° C (ca. 70° C standard hairdryer)
Gentle – Weak air flow: only 10 l/s (ca. 17 l/s standard hairdryer)
Silent – Low noise level: only 68 dB(A) (ca. 78 dB(A) standard hairdryer)

  • Ripple wire SECURITY heating element
  • 2 air flow/temperature settings
  • On/Off push button
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • 500 Watt
  • Compact-12cm length
  • Light-310g
  • 100% Swiss Made
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Valera Swiss Bébé Hair Dryer

The Ultra-Delicate Infant Hair and Body Dryer

Valera Swiss Bébé Hair Dryer Features

The Valera Swiss Bébé is a baby hair dryer designed specifically for the gentle and delicate care for infants.
A baby’s hair is usually like soft down; and the scalp is very sensitive. A high noise level and a harsh air flow are unpleasant to a baby and could even give the baby a fright.

This compact (12 cm long) and light (310 g) dryer fits comfortably in the hand and offers extra protection thanks to its on/off safety button: the hairdryer only operates if the button on the front of the handle is held in.

Swiss Bébé: the ultra-delicate infant hair & body dryer.

Swiss Made by VALERA, the Swiss hair specialist since 1955.
For more information : Valera Swiss Hair Specialist


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