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Cloud b Marvin The Monkey


Marvin The Monkey’s a real party animal! With adjustable arms and legs, this playful primate is ready to dance the day away. And when it’s time to settle down, Marvin The Monkey sets the mood by playing soothing sounds like a lullaby or a babbling stream.

  • Cuddly companion and toy
  • Soothes baby to sleep with calming “white noise” sounds
  • Eight soothing sound options
  • VELCRO® brand closure tab for easy attachment to baby's crib
  • Two sleep-timer options: 23 and 45 minutes

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Cloud b Marvin The Monkey

Ultra-soft plush Marvin the Monkey is ready to dance and play. When the sun goes down, Marvin brings cuddles and kisses with every touch. Little ones find a friend in Marvin.
The Velcro strap attaches Marvin to the crib to soothe and provide a restful sleep for baby. Four soothing sounds, including monkey noises, peaceful waterfall, gentle stream and sleepy lullaby, gently whisk baby off to dreamland.
On vacation, at home or in the jungle… Marvin the Monkey makes a good night’s sleep more achievable.

Marvin The Monkey Features:

  • 4 Soothing Sounds: Monkey Chatter, Waterfall, Gentle Stream and Sleep Lullaby
  • Two sleep-timer options: 23 and 45 minutes
  • Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby’s crib
  • Adjustable arms and legs
  • Removable sound box
  • Requires 2 AA batteries; batteries are included

Other information

  • Retail box dimensions: 7” x 7.5” x 9.5”
  • Manufactured by Cloud b


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