About us

Hola and welcome.

HunnyChamp.com is all about sharing wonderful products to parents who wants to give their children the best they can provide.
What started of as just simply searching for amazing baby products in Malaysia has led to a full fledged online shop. During the searching and researching, we found that getting baby goods with exceptionally good quality is hard. Or troublesome even when you found what you like. Hence with HunnyChamp.com, we would like to bridge that gap closer.

Being a couple and designers ourselves, a web designer and graphic designer to be exact, made us search for products that excels in terms of function and visual. We are especially attracted to items that could blend function and form together seamlessly.
We believe a good product is one that improves the condition of whoever is using it, be it babies, mamas or papas.

We continue to feed and grow HunnyChamp.com with these principles in mind :

  • Products must meet high quality standards, have great design and functionality.
  • Competitive prices for our products
  • Importance of good customer service

Thank you again for dropping by HunnyChamp.com and feel free to contact us at lilhunnychamp(at)gmail.com

In case you are wondering, the people behind HunnyChamp.com is made up of a husband and wife team.
We are operating it under the Magic Sprout Studio company.

We appreciate all your love and support!
Abner + Melanie